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    ONE-MINUTE BRAINTEASERS - published by Sterling Publishing in 2001 - by Alan Stillson

    More than four hundred very short brain exercises for word puzzle lovers. All can be done without a pencil – 96 pages - 8.28 by 5.33 – compare your answers with members of American Mensa, the renowned high-IQ society. 2001 – Sterling Publishing.

    Have a minute? Then you’ve got time for a baffling brainteaser! Not in a rush? Try as many as you like – they can be solved independently. Find back-to-back words with the same number of letters that are spelled alike except for one vowel. Fill in the missing word in a sentence that alludes to the topic at hand, from the culinary arts to computers.

    Here are three examples of sections and sample puzzles:

    1. Hangwords:
    Fill in the letter blanks to make a word:
    O __ __ O X __ O __ __

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    2. Food Words:
    Find a food word whose pronunciation completes the sentence sensibly:
    If we __________ this year, let’s have a formal wedding next year.

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    3. Cities and States:
    Find a city in the state whose pronunciation completes the question sensibly:
    Did the insurance salesman try to __________ and Pa a new policy in Alabama?

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