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    NINETY SECOND BRAINTEASERS – published by Sterling Publishing in 2003 – by Alan Stillson


    Almost five hundred quick and breezy brain exercises for word puzzle lovers. All can be done without a pencil – 96 pages – 8.28 by 5.33 – compare your answers with members of American Mensa, the renowned high-IQ society. 2003 – Sterling Publishing.

    Each of these puzzles is designed to be solved within a minute-and-a-half. This allows you to control and time your mental workout. From movie titles with first and last letters only to Presidents whose names are hidden within sentences, these mind-bogglers will require some hard thinking, teasing you into constructs or concepts of your own. That’s what makes them so much fun to solve.

    Here are three examples of sections and sample puzzles:

    1. Half-Eaten Foods:
    Find the food from which every other letter was removed:
    C O O A E

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    2. Wisecrack Puzzles:
    Fill in the blank to complete a riddle with a wisecrack answer:
    Q: When can I expect a _____?
    A: Eight hours after the plane leaves from Prague.

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    3. Presidents:
    Find the last name of a President hidden in consecutive letters of this sentence:
    The Gilberts moved back East after living in California for twelve years.

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