War No More




WAR NO MORE will be presented at One Generation Senior Center on Sunday March 31 at 7:00 PM. War No More is produced and directed by Alan Stillson and it features accompanist Bill Wolfe and vocalists TJ Zeiler, Marilyn Miller, Greg Abbott and Deena Russo.


Let our four vocalists and accompanist inspire you to always make peace a part of your life with beautiful music and poignant words. The themes of the concert are:


Religion and peace
Peace at home
The devastation of war
Embracing peace


This production of War No More is for the community of secular, religious and political organizations that promote peace and for the community at large. Each ticket is free - suggested cash donation of $10. Tickets can be requested by contacting Stillsonworks by e-mail or telephone. The address of One Generation is 18255 Victory Blvd. Reseda, CA 91335. It is east of Reseda Blvd. and west of White Oak Ave. It is open seating with approximately 80 minutes of performance time and an intermission.


May peace always be with you,

Alan Stillson
Phone: (818) 884-4284
E-mail: astillson13@gmail.com



WAR NO MORE is now available as a fundraising or other major event program in the greater Los Angeles area (counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino and Riverside).


Our four vocalists and accompanist can inspire your members and supporters to share in your efforts to promote peace with beautiful music and poignant words. Here are some details:



Alan Stillson
Address: 5515 Keokuk Ave.
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
Phone: (818) 884-4284
E-mail: astillson13@gmail.com 
Website: http://stillsonworks.com


YOUTUBE video link for a sampling of War No More: https://youtu.be/a3BR9NukbT4



Total of 19 songs (14 licensed, 3 public domain and 2 original) - approximate total length of 75 minutes. Stillsonworks will provide the vocalists and accompanist and pay the performance right royalties to the copyright holders of licensed songs.



Choices include number of performances per production, stand-alone or combined program, dates and times, in-house or outside venue, ticketing and Producer's standard Performance Agreement Form or your in-house agreement form.



Please have your development officer or fundraising specialist contact Stillsonworks for additional details.

At this time, identification with and promotion of peace is most urgent. Stillsonworks can provide you with the opportunity to use War No More to continue your organization's commitment to peace.



Thank you,


Alan Stillson