I Remember Lou What is I Remember Lou?


Lou is an ensemble musical with music, lyrics and book by Alan Stillson. It’s about an attorney for the New York City Housing Authority who chooses fighting for the rights of tenants in slum buildings over making a lot of money. Its world premier was at the Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks, CA in June and July of 2012.


I Remember Lou combines a modern story with all the elements of a classical Broadway style musical - likeable characters, melodic songs, fun dance numbers and live music. The logline is: Can Lou Goldfarb balance his idealism, religious upbringing and love for his family?


The production at the Whitefire Theatre had a cast of eight males and six females, a sixty minute first act, a forty-five minute second and had live accompaniment by piano only. There are thirteen songs with diverse musical styles. It was produced by Stillsonworks and directed by Alissa-Nicole Koblentz. The music director was Bonnie Janofsky. Audience and critical reaction was extremely positive.


Acclaim for I Remember Lou:


Here are some excerpts from our review from Accessibly Live Off-Line:
Very charming, witty, comical…
About an everyday common man who does his professional job while living through the domestic landscape…
One of the most original stage musicals that came around the pike…
This musical is based upon a person that the audience can relate to…
A nice Jewish kid from the Jersey side makes a decent name for himself…
Accessibility Live Off-line review (click link to view)

Thoughtfully examines moral values and social issues through articulate lyrics…
Tolucan Time review (click link to view)

Here are some excerpts from our review by Cathy Wayne from the NoHo Arts District
Cute songs and musical numbers…
Enjoy an evening of religious humor …
Lou Goldfarb wants to do the “right” thing, but struggle follows as his life evolves…
NoHo Arts District review (click link to view)


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Original cast DVD of the live performance of I Remember Lou at Whitefire Theatre in Sherman Oaks, CA made on June 16, 2012.  All rights reserved by Stillsonworks.  Price includes shipping and sales tax.


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Songs include:



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Please see and hear a video clip of I Remember Lou on YouTube
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