Answers to Middle School Word Puzzles

Here are the answers to the three puzzles from Middle School Word Puzzles:


1. Name Games:
Fill in the blanks with a name and a word with the same pronunciation. They might be spelled the same way (like May and may) or differently (like Jim and gym).
Example: __________ cleaned the mud from the welcome __________.

The answer is Matt and mat.


2. Curtailments:
Fill in the blanks with two words where the second word is missing the last letter of the first word (like bunt and bun).
Example: The telephone __________ and I __________ to answer it.

The answer is rang and ran.


3. Incomplete Cities (and all other “incomplete” sections):
Fill in the blanks with the missing letters.
Example: __ I T __ __ B U __ G __

The answer is Pittsburgh.