A live staged reading of Parodoxical was held at Santa Monica Playhouse on Monday, December 5, 2022.


Parodoxical is a pollical farce in the form of a narrated concert. It uses fifteen PARODIES and libretto to analyze the PARADOX of enabling a minority of Americans to revoke the right to choose from a majority of Americans and threaten the revocation of other civil rights. It is set in September of 2022.


Parodoxical is written and produced by Alan Stillson. The staged reading was performed live by Alan Stillson, Nomi Roth, and Jimm Juback, videotaped, and posted on YouTube. Performance time is approximately 50 minutes.




Parodoxical 2, also written by Alan Stillson, is planned for a live staged reading in Spring of 2023, with videotaping and posting to YouTube. Look for updates on the Stillsonworks website.

Please contact Alan Stillson for additional information at Stillsonworks
Landline Phone: (818) 884-4284