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    MIDDLE SCHOOL WORD PUZZLES - published by Stillsonworks in 2002 - by Alan Stillson


    One thousand enjoyable and thought-provoking word puzzles for middle school students – ten puzzles per page – 114 pages - 8.5 by 11 - reproducible for classroom sets and transparencies – written by a licensed teacher with eight years of middle school experience and six other puzzle and game books.

    These are short word puzzles, covering a wide variety of interesting and relevant topics at varying levels of difficulty. This book is perfect for:

    • Planned lessons
    • Planned or spontaneous special activities
    • School libraries
    • Emergency plans for substitute teachers
    • Home schooling
    • Personal enjoyment for students and parents
    • Gifts for deserving students


    Here are three examples of sections and sample puzzles:

    1. Name Games:
    Fill in the blanks with a name and a word with the same pronunciation. They might be spelled the same way (like May and may) or differently (like Jim and gym).
    Example: __________ cleaned the mud from the welcome __________.

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    2. Curtailments:
    Fill in the blanks with two words where the second word is missing the last letter of the first word (like bunt and bun).
    Example: The telephone __________ and I __________ to answer it.

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    3. Incomplete Cities (and all other “incomplete” sections):
    Fill in the blanks with the missing letters.
    Example: __ I T __ __ B U __ G __

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